At Chills and Thrills, we sell only the highest quality seeds. Here you can find over 20 careful selected cannabis strains. We offer autoflowering, feminized, Indica or Sativa, Hybrid, high THC or high CBD seeds for indoor and outdoor growing. Here you can find popular cannabis strains like Amnesia, White Widow, Cheese, Critical or less known, but really tasty Strawberry Cough, Magic Mango or Magic Lemon.

Our cannabis seeds come with World’s smallest professional cannabis germination kit. With this kit, you can germinate your cannabis seeds with care and hygiene like a Pro!
The Kit contains 3 or 5 cannabis seeds of your choice, a pair of tweezers with a special hole for the root, a pipet with a root boosting juice. The juice contains all needed Nutrients for the first week. They ensure powerful germination and boost the root development of your plants.
Use the tweezers to ensure maximum hygiene, when distributing your seeds in the growing container.

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