How to chose a banger? There are many styles and types of bangers on the market, we have made this guide to help you understand the terminology and each piece’s unique function.

– The most standard of all the bangers are 90° banger. This describes the angle of the neck of the banger. It most closely resembles a 90-degree angle.
– 45° Banger – describes the angle of the neck of the banger. It most closely resembles a 45-degree angle. This design is mostly used to convert bongs, with joints that will not fit right with a 90°, into oil rigs.

– Flat Top Banger: This describes the style of the top opening of the banger. Standard bangers come with a slant when flat tops create a flat opening so carb caps can rest easier on the lid.
– rounded instead of flat. The round shape is designed to allow the concentrate to melt down to a single point instead of collecting on the flat surface which spreads it out.

– Core Reactor: This describes a banger with a solid thick quartz cylinder in the centre. This creates more quartz for heat retention and gives a larger surface area to come in contact with the extract. The “core” can have heat reactive colour changing crystals added inside to help better gauge the temperature level.

– Bell-shaped flare banger. This describes a shape made famous in the industry by Evan Shore which flares out at the bottom making it harder to pull through the neck and gives a larger surface on the bottom for heat retention.

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