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Quartz banger with reactor

The oil banger is made of quartz – it is food and medical grade material. It heats up quickly and emits no harmful gases. You have to preheat the banger with butane gas burner and then add the concentrates for smoking.

The reactor in the banger ensures heat retention and dispersion. It increases the surface area and improves the distribution of heat inside the banger so that more oil or wax can evaporate – for more taste and stronger hits!

For better cloud development we recommend to use this banger together wit a carb cap.

Material: Quartz
Colour: clear
Joint: 14 mm 90° male
Diameter: 25/21 mm


Round Carb Cap

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Brand Oil Black Leaf
Bucket size 25/21 mm
Color Clear
Degree Bend 90°
Joint Size 14 mm
Joint Style Male
Material Quartz


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