Microdosing is (self)administration of a psychotropic compound, in such a small dose, that psychedelic effects do not occur, but only trigger processes in the brain by acting on certain receptors.
Why microdose?
People microdose in an attempt to enhance cognitive tasks, to boost physical energy levels, promote emotional balance, tear anxiety, depression and addictions. Microdosing can offer you a shift in perspective, change the way you feel about the day. Many people reported feeling lighter, more appreciative, more observant, more creative and grateful.

In the past years, the popularity of microdosing is increasing explosively, but we believe it is a very old practice. People were chewing leaves, licking juice from plant cuts or sucking on berries or whatever. Since the used botanica contained very small amounts of alkaloids, they probably felt happier, more energized or experienced another form of positivity by doing so.

How microdosing works in the brain?
Because of the similarity to serotonin, the brain and involved receptors will recognize the administered psilocybin as serotonin and will react accordingly by triggering numerous processes in the brain. The first noticeable effect (not being psychedelic) would be a better mood and happiness. As many people know, elevated serotonin levels cause a euphoric state of mind.
A microdose of magic truffles has been defined as approximately 5 – 10% of a recreational dose, taking your body weight and sensitivity into consideration. Finding your sweet spot dose and schedule is a fun process and only you can decide what works best for you.

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