Salvia divinorum is a fast-acting hallucinogenic herb that contains salvinorin A – a psychotropic compound that acts on certain receptors in the brain and causes hallucinations.
Depending on the dose and the way of consumption Salvia Divinorum can cause these effects: loss of control over physical movements, laughter, vivid, colourful and often bizarre, dream – or film – like hallucinations. Temporal boundaries among past, present and future disappear and the user is transported to an alternative time and places with perceptions of being in several locations simultaneously. In higher doses, the Salvia effect can be frightening and can cause serious psychotic disturbances.
Salvia Divinorum Commonly consumed orally (infused as tea or chewing the leaves) or by smoking it.
Fast-acting and thought to have a low incidence of side effects and low addiction potential makes Salvia Divinorum popular amongst recreational users.
Mazatec Indians have used salvia for centuries for spiritual divination, shamanism, and medical practices.
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