Micro dosing is the (self)administration of a psychotropic compound, in such a small dose, that psychedelic effects do not occur, but only trigger processes in the brain.
Although some people say that microdosing became popular as creative minds in Silicon Valley became even more inspired after microdosing psychedelics, we would like to believe that it must be one of the oldest forms of administering mind-altering substances existing dosing form for ages. People are chewing leaves, licking the juice from plant cuts or suck on berries or whatever. Since the used botanica contains very small amounts of alkaloids, they probably felt happier, more energized or experienced another form of positivity by doing so.
Nowadays, since psychedelics have the attention of science, we know a lot more through research and studies.
Psychotropic substances which can be microdosed include but not exclusively.
Psilocybin, Cannabinoids, DMT (ayahuasca), Salvia,

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