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Truffles For Professionals

Magic Truffles For Professional Use


Psilocybin therapy combines the pharmacological effects of magic truffles psychoactive substance psilocybin, with psychological support, where the psychological support is considered to be as important as the pharmacological effects of psilocybin. The therapist is there to help patients process the experience of what is gained during psilocybin sessions supporting the integration of these insights for lasting symptom relief. 

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Early studies have shown signals that psilocybin could be a safe and effective treatment for patients with depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD addiction and other mental illnesses, when combined with psychological support from specially – trained therapists.

Individuals who seek psilocybin therapy often struggle with life-long or treatment-resistant depression and anxiety. They have tried other forms of therapy and are still in need of relief from their debilitating symptoms. Psilocybin can help clients break out of self-destructive patterns and reconnect with a sense of purpose, passion, and creativity in life. 


Are you a therapist or healer performing personal psilocybin sessions or group ceremonies?  Larger amounts of magic truffles we offer with 20% discount. 


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