Recreational psilocybin dose or full dose is a toxic dose that causes psychedelic effects, such as open eye hallucinations, colour, shape, sound, taste or even time distortions. Medium and higher doses of psilocybin give you a giggly, euphoric feeling, makes you feel energetic, curious and excited.
While in recreational use the psychedelic effects are desired, in therapeutic applications it is not always the aim to experience these effects. These effects occur above a certain threshold. To achieve the recreational effect you have to elevate the psilocybin level in your body above 700 nanograms per millilitre of blood. Our recreational truffles are standard pre-packaged in dosages of 10 grams and 15 grams, which certainly exceed this threshold. 10 grams for a mild trip and 15 grams for a more intense trip.
Don’t take more than half this dose when you are trying truffles for the first time. Sensitivity to the active compounds of truffles varies per individual. Taking a lower dose allows you to test your sensitivity. Furthermore, it is definitely helpful to take your weight into account. A lower body weight usually means a lower dose will be sufficient. Also, be aware of the fact that different truffle species may cause different effects as well.

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