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Dutchii – Magic Truffles

Tried all the the traditional species such as Mexicana and Tampanensis and looking for something new? Then these truffles might be for you. We are proud of this baby, but we have to say: Handle with care! This wild Dutchii can only be tamed by experienced psychonauts with plenty of flying hours behind them. However, for more experienced users who are looking for a longer and more intense trip, this is an excellent choice.
The Dutchii is the result of continuous research in our specialized laboratory, it gets its strength from a long growing time, which is almost double that of other truffles.
All in all, the Duthcii will make for an intense trip, with incredible visual effects, resulting in an unforgettable journey.

Strength: 4/5
Other names: Hollandia, Hollandica, Mothers Finest

Before consumption, always read All you need to know about Magic Truffles first.

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