Dabbing is a method of consuming concentrated cannabis oil by dropping a small amount on a hot surface and allowing it to vaporize. It allows the user to get nothing but the hash oil’s potent effect and flavour.

The processing of cannabis concentrates leaves behind only the most beneficial particles of the plant — the terpenes and cannabinoids, mainly. It gets rid of extra plant material and impurities that might linger in other forms of cannabis. Cannabis concentrates are more concentrated and potent than other options, so when you dab, you’re exposing yourself to more cannabinoids and terpenes than when you’re smoking a joint, or vaping. As a result, you’ll feel a stronger effect with a smaller amount of product.
At Chills and Thrills, you can find all you need for dabbing – from Cannabis oil extraction tools, dabbing mats and containers, metal or glass dabbers, different carb caps to unique dab rigs hand made by various glass artists from around the World. Start your dabbing journey here!

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