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Magic Chills

Magic Chills Auto was realized by crossing the Magic Seeds Critical Impact with Roadrunner (DinaFem). The result is an amazingly compact speedy auto-flower strain, ideal in situations where stealth is required or space is limited.

It’s very easy to grow and Relative to its size it produces a good amount of beautiful dense resinous buds yielding about 200g/m2. Which is, of course, a lot less than the photoperiod Critical Impact but then again that one we can hardly call stealthy. THC levels are on the low side at about 12% but this doesn’t prevent this strain to give you a strong relaxing experience (chill time) which lasts for a good amount of time. Taste and smell are across the board with traces of wood, lemon, and spices.

From 21,00

Seeds 3 seeds, 5 seeds
Feminized YES
Autoflowering YES
Genetics 60% Indica, 40% Sativa
THC Level 12%
Yield 200 g/m2
Average height 45 – 100 cm
Flowering 10 weeks
Effect Strong Relaxing effect
Strain Hybrid


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