Critical plants are a hybrid cross of Big Bud and Skunk which produce an amazingly strong skunky odor and flavour, even when used with tobacco. The most interesting features of this cannabis are the intense aroma and taste that she produces; the smell is fruity skunk, but much stronger which could pose a real problem particularly indoors where the use of carbon filters is a must until she is totally dry and packaged.

Critical marijuana feminized cannabis seeds grow like a sativa and their plants look a sativa with slim, narrow leaves, not too dark, long and quite thin stems for the size of their flowers. She has a lot of side branching with a short internodal distance which improves production. It is advisable to control her height before flowering, due to her tendency to grow rapidly during this period. During the flowering period, she shows all its potential, when what looks like a sativa becomes a super-producer that outstrips all other cannabis.  She is also a great outdoor producer, flowering fast and ripening completely by the 4th week of September. Being a great yielder, Critical has become one of the heaviest marijuana for commercial and personal use.

She has high resin production and very high strength effect, which a combined physical and mental effect. When smoked, even mixed with tobacco, the original taste comes through and it does not taste like burnt grass. It is really intense from start to finish and a real pleasure to smoke, leaving a great aftertaste. Perfect cannabis for those who are looking for high yield and a high stone .


From 25,00

Seeds 3 seeds, 5 seeds
Feminized YES
Autoflowering NO
Genetics 80% Indica, 20% Sativa
THC Level 12 – 16%
Yield 650 – 750 g/cm2
Average height indoor: 45 – 50 cm, outdoor: 200 – 300 cm
Flowering 7 – 8 weeks
Effect strength effect, physical and mental


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