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Magic Kush OG

Derived from a truly legendary family first cultivated along the West Coast of the United States, yes, the now world-famous OG Kush, a strain shrouded in mystery and trailed by decades of speculation where it comes to its genetic make-up. The general consensus seems to be that OG Kush is a Chemdawg x Hindu Kush Hybrid.

Anyway, When it comes to the Magic Kush OG there is absolutely no mystery or speculation… if there is one thing for sure it is that Magic Kush is as close a relative to the OG Kush as you can possibly find. In collaboration with West Coast breeders Magic Seeds smuggled the original genetics back to Holland where Magic Kush OG was born.

Magic Kush OG Produces dense buds covered with resinous trichomes, very characteristic for a real Kush just like its earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones are. It’s an incredibly potent strain with THC levels around 22%, it can even reach levels as high a 25%! Under the right circumstances. Tom Kush OG is a heavy hitter and very popular because it does away with stress like no other. Besides just stress relief Magic Kush OG is also known to be very effective against anxiety, it helps with ADD/ADHD, PMS or PTSD and can reduce migraines.

From 27,00

Seeds 3 seeds, 5 seeds
Feminized YES
Autoflowering NO
Genetics 75% Indica, 25% Sativa
THC Level 22%
Yield 600 – 1200 g/m2
Average height 80 – 300 cm
Flowering 8 weeks
Harvest October
Effect De Bomb


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