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Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules

Cordyceps  Cordyceps Militaris referred to as the “mushroom of energy” It contains bioactive compounds with important roles in anti-fatigue, improving exercise performance and increasing body energy levels.

Cordyceps has a long history of widespread use in traditional medicine of China, Nepal and Tibet. It is used to treat coughs, chronic bronchitis, respiratory disorders, kidney disorders, nighttime urination, male sexual problems, anemia, irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, liver disorders, dizziness, weakness, ringing in the ears, unwanted weight loss, and opium addiction.


Cordyceps mushroom powder

Cordyceps Truffles Powder

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Cordyceps mushroom is rich in amino acids which are necessary for body energy production. It is also contains cordycepic acid, cordycepin, polysaccharide, protein, vitamins, and micro elements.

Use Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules if you looking to:

  • Improve exercise performance, endurance, and vitality
  • Support the immune system
  • Promotes healthy libido
  • Slower agin process
  • Boost mood and brain power

Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules

Cordyceps mushroom capsules  is a premium quality organic certified product. The BIO quality mark stands for 100% certified organic and reliable. These ingredients are therefore guaranteed to be free of all kinds of additives such as sugars, fats and meet all European requirements with regard to pesticides. The quality of our products is checked regularly.

Easy and convenient way to take cordyceps is to use it in capsules. The maximum dose for adults is  2 capsule 1 – 3 times in a day after food.

Important: we recommend taking Cordyceps capsules on a consistent basis. Much like using any other supplement, or other superfoods. Allow some time for the health benefiting effects to build up in your system.


Cordyceps is considered safe for short-term use. Some users may experience mild side effects such as diarrhea, constipation, and stomach discomfort or dry mouth.

Nutrition Facts

100 g Cordyceps mushroom capsules

Content 450 mg / Capsule
Energy (kcal/kJ) 314 Kcal / 1319 kJ
Proteins 27.3 g
Carbohydrates 32.1 g
Fat 2.7 g
Saturated Fats 0.7 g
Fibers 26.1 g


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