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Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

The Ghost MV1

The Ghost MV1 represents the very latest design and technology in portable electronic vaporizers for both herbs and extracts. With its app you can customize the temperature settings to your liking for an enhanced vaping experience.

Its LED screen tells you exactly the state your rechargeable battery is in. The safety clip holds your chamber in pace during use, but allows for it to pop out to refill. Its heftiness gives it a high quality feel, while the design makes it otherworldly. With a single power button and a vape button, it’s very safe and easy to use.

Inside the box you’ll find:

• Cleaning wipes (3)

• Picks (3)

• Cotton buds (3)

• Crucible

• Crucible lid

• Concentrate pad

• USB charging wire

• User manual

Charging directions are inside the manual.




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