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Herborizer – Basic Tube

The Basic Tube is a high quality home vaporizer made from Pyrex glass. Its shape allows you to inhale large clouds at once.

The Basic Tube is made of Pyrex glass, a kind of borosilicate glass, which is known to be resistant to high temperatures.

The Basic Tube has a different shape than the Basic Sphere, which opens up other possibilities. The cylinder shape makes it possible to inhale a larger amount of vapor at a time. In addition, its shape also provides excellent cooling of the vapor.

In the Basic Tube, the herbs are heated at a constant temperature of 190°C. With the XL Tube it is possible to adjust the temperature.

What’s in the box?

1x Herborizer Basic Tube (glass element)
1x Heating element
1x Agitator
1x Adapter and power cord


Herborizer Cleaning Plug

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Herborizer Basic injector

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Herborizer Battery 12v

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Brand Herborizer
Compatibility Herbs
Adjustable temperature No
Heating Type Full convection
Heat-up time 1-3 minutes
Dimensions 45 x 12 cm
Weight 1,5 kg
Automatic switch off No
Mobile App No
Portable / Desktop Desktop


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