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Arizer Air

The Arizer Air is the successor of the Arizer Solo. The Arizer Air is smaller and lighter than its forerunner, which is why it’s even easier to take this one with you. Visually the Air looks more like an e-cigarette than any other vaporizers. This makes it more discreet, and easier to use in public.

There are five temperature presets: 180, 190, 200, 205 and 210ºC. Every temperature preset has its own color, which makes them easy to recognize.

The Arizer Air has a ceramic heating component. The route the vapor makes through the device is completely through glass. Along with the mouthpiece, which is also glass, this makes for the best taste experience.

The Air can be used for an hour before it needs to be recharged. When the vaporizer isn’t used, it shuts off automatically after ten minutes. The battery can be easily replaced if needed. (Batteries are available separately).

The Arizer Air is easy to maintain with the supplied cleaning set. It also comes with a silicone skin and a carry case to protect your vaporizer while you’re on the go.

The Arizer Air is a very reliable portable vaporizer with a neat, discreet body, and of course, an amazing taste experience.

What’s in the box?

  • Arizer Air
  • Charger
  • 2x glass mouth piece
  • Glass aroma dish
  • Silicone skin
  • Stirring tool




Arizer Easy Flow pipe adapter

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