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Chacruna Leaves

Chacruna is the Quechuan name for psychotria viridis, a shrubby flowering plant of the  Rubiaceae family. It is found throughout the Amazon rainforest and has long been used by its inhabitants as both traditional medicine and entheogen.

How it’s consumed

Dried chacruna leaves contain around 0.3% dimethyltryptamine (DMT), also known as the Spirit Molecule. This has made Chacruna a popular choice for the production of Ayahuasca, the potent Amazonian psychedelic brew.


Banisteriopsis Cappi – Cappi Ourinhos

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Traditionally, South American shamans combine the leaves of Chacruna or another DMT-containing plant with the bark of banisteriopsis caapi, which makes the DMT orally active and adds some psychedelic effects of its own. The resulting trip is very different from smoking pure or extracted DMT, and can typically last at least five hours. 


Through the traditions of South American shamanism and Ayahuasca brewing, Chacruna has enjoyed a long history of human use. There are no known risks to using Chacruna by itself.

If brewed into Ayahuasca, it should not be mixed with other medications which strongly affect the serotonergic system, such as SSRIs and some entactogens. Mixing these substances could result in serotonin syndrome.


Our Chacruna packages each contain 50 grams of dried Chacruna leaves.


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