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Microdosing Superior Truffles 8 x 1 G

Looking for something that will boost your daily energy levels, make you more productive and more creative, something that would increase your learning ability, promote your emotional balance, and tear anxiety and depression  – then microdosing magic truffles is for You. These are just a few of the benefits that have been reported by people who tried microdosing psilocybin.


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Microdosing Superior Truffles are specially selected truffle sort for microdosing, in which psilocybin levels are tested on every batch.

There are 8 x 1 gram doses in every Microdosing package,  separately vacuum-packed. So when you open 1 dose, the other stays safely preserved.

Keep your Microdosing Superior truffles in the refrigerator at 3 – 5 °C temperature.

1 review for Microdosing Superior Truffles 8 x 1 G

  1. Ismael

    I love this product, but I wish you could put them really in a vacuum packed way, because last time I had them they had some air inside and they got wasted despite of the fact that I kept them in the fridge. Anyways I love your products, I am ordering some already and I hope they are really sealed this time.
    Thank you very much fro such amazing products.

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