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Truffles + Scales + Capsule Machine + Capsules

This Microdosing Kit contains 

  • Magic truffles
  • Digital scale
  • Capsule machine
  • Empty capsules

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Choose 50 g from our wide range of various truffles and get ready to begin your microdosing experience in the comfort of your own home.

With the scales, you can precisely weigh out your own required doses (dried mushrooms) to begin with your microdosing journey.



The nutrient on balance is a portable and pocket-sized scale with a sleek black design.

You can switch between grams and ounces at the push of a button and it also has the tare and calibrate functions.

With a capacity of up to 600 g at 0,1 g precision.

Batteries and an extra tray are included with this product.

Dimensions: 128 x 78 x 20 mm 


Capsule Machine

The capsule machine is an option to make it easier to consume your grounded truffles. You can fill up to 24 capsules each time.



Capsules available are size “0” which can hold up to 500 mg.


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