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Terp Slurper Banger Set with Carb Cap

‘Terp slurper’ banger that takes the dabbing to another level. Dabbing pearls in the banger spins around while inhaling and helps distribute the concentrate equally around the surface. More surface area equals more vapour.

The kit includes a carb cap, too. The carb cap supports the development of vapour because with it you can control the air supply. The banger is packed with the carb cap and four beads in a cool metal box.

Material: corosilicatete glass

Colour: clear banger and carb cap, multicoloured pearls

Joint: 14 mm male



stainless steel dabber

Dabber Spatula And Pointed End

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Brand Black Leaf
Bucket size 22/18mm
Color Clear/Multicolored
Degree Bend 45°
Joint Size 14 mm
Joint Style Male
Material Borosilicate glass


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